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  • 公司简介

    上海瀚海检测技术股份有限公司成立于2009 年,总部位于上海市杨浦科技 创业中心,在全国拥有6家分子公司,拥有超过32000平米的专业实验室。具备 CNAS、CMA、CCS、DILAC及GACC的资格认定,且于2016 年获得高新技术企业认定。拥有发明及实用专利40余项, 与上海理工大学,南京航空航天大学等多家高校和研究所建立产学研合作机制, 并建立院士工作站。

    公司依靠科技创新,提升服务效率,经过数年的发展,已经 在检测领域建立“瀚海检测”的品牌知名度。公司业务范围覆盖汽车,航空,航天等领域,在管路测试、疲劳强度测试、 电子电器性能测试,环境可靠测试,高分子材料测试、被动安全测试、燃油系统 测试、新能源产品检测、软件功能安全测试等具有独特的试验和检测能力,并提 供检测设备研发制造、工装夹具制作、技术咨询、失效分析等专业服务。赢得了 包括中国航天、中航工业、中国电科、上汽通用、大众、福特、吉利、长城、比亚迪等众多知名企业的合作与好评。

    Founded in 2009, Hanhai testing technology (Shanghai) corp., LTD, is headquar- tered in Shanghai Yangpu technology and innovation center. The company has 6 branchs or subsidiary companies, more than 20 Doctors and Masters and lab spaces of over 32,000 square meters. Since the establishment of Hanhai Inspec- tion, it has passed by CNAS, CMA, CCSC DILAC and GACC certifications for many years and have more than 40 invention and utility patents. The company was recognized as a high-tech enterprise in 2016. In 2020 the company has passed the evaluation of “Secrecy Qualification of weapon equipment scientific research and production”. At the same time, the company has established cooperative relations with many colleges and institutes, such as University of Shanghai for Science and Technology, Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, etc. We also established the academician workstation with University of Shanghai for Science and Technology. After several years, our technological innovations and improvements on service quality have earned us a reputation of “Hanhai Inspec- tion” in this field.
    The company business covers the field of automotive, aviation, aerospace. We can provide professional service in pipeline test, fatigue strength test, electronic and electrical test, environment reliability test, polymer material test, passive safety test, fuel system test, new energy products test, software security test, technical consulting, failure analysis, jigs & fixtures and 
    equipment manufactur- ing, etc. Over the years, we won the cooperation and praise of many well-known enterprises including CASC, AVIC, CETC, SGM, VW, Ford, Geely, Great Wall, Changan Automobile, BYD, etc.